Functionality to convert accounts opened under FI Minor product codes to major product codes rolled out on 30.11.2023.

Functionality for Conversion of Accounts

To avoid closure of PMJDY accounts and allow conversion to other SB products following functionalities have been rolled-out:


Sr.NoSB Minor product codesConversion permitted to Major Product code
i)1611-1401 (SB Tiny -GEN-PUB-IND ALL- INR)1611-1431 (SB Tiny SPL-OD-GEN-PUB-IND ALL)
  1. Functionality for enabling conversion of BC Channel accounts to normal Branch channel accounts has been rolled out on 06.01.2024.

Now customers account opened through BC Channel Product codes can be converted to normal branch channel accounts as under:

Sr.NoExisting FI Channel product codeBranch Channel Savings Product
i)1611-1431 (SB Tiny SPL-OD-GEN-PUB-IND ALL)1011-1101/1111-1101
ii)1611-1441 (FULLY KYC COMPLIANT MINOR PRODUCT)1011-1101/1111-1101
iii)1811-1401 (SB BHMSH-GEN-PUB-IND ALL)1011-1101/1111-1101
iv)1711-1401 (SB Kiosk-GEN-PUB IND-ALL-INR)1011-1101/1111-1101
v)1611-1411(SB Tiny-OD GEN-PUB-IND ALL1011-1101/1111-1101

1011-1101 : Regular SB CHQ Individual 1111-1101 : Regular SB NCHQ Individual

  • The above functionalities will enable Operating functionaries to convert the accounts of customers as per their baking needs and avoid closure of accounts. Circles are requested to ensure that no PMJDY account is closed, henceforth, for non-conversion to Major or branch channel accounts. Further, branches should be sensitized to ensure the compliance of bank guidelines like KYC updation etc. before changing the product code.
  • Please bring the contents to the knowledge of all concerned for meticulous compliance.

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